Global Drug Policy will be debated at the united nations in 2016.
The voice of physicians will be heard.
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Target: 2500 by June 2015
5,000 by March 2016
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Dr Naidoo
IDHDP side event at CND: Overdose deaths - an easy solution to prevent so many
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A unique collaboration has united to devise a new plan that may transform the national discussion about the war on drugs and mass incarceration. - Huffington Post
Association between harm reduction intervention uptake and recent hepatitis C infection among people who inject drugs attending sites that provide sterile injecting equipment in Scotland. The featured study found that high-coverage participation in needle and syringe programmes was linked to a lower risk of becoming infected with hepatitis C.
Why the High Level General Assembly Thematic Debate towards the 2016 UNGASS on drugs is important This report by the IDPC discusses a number of points that need to be addressed in debate towards UNGASS 2016
Global prison trends 2015 This report describes global trends in imprisonment. It also seeks to place these trends in a wider context in order to draw policy recommendations.