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Canada's opioid crisis: five areas the feds must lead
Health Canada will speed the review of a more user-friendly anti-overdose drug, among other efforts to prevent opioid deaths.
UN pledges to end Aids epidemic but plan barely mentions those most at risk
Summit criticized for excluding gay and transgender organizations. Activists walked out in protest after the resolution was adopted.
What opioid hysteria leaves out: most overdoses involve a mix of drugs
The rising opioid death rate is alarming, but it’s time they didn’t take sole blame for fatalities.
The International Journal of Drug Policy - Special focus on the Middle East and North Africa The authors of the Special Issue on Drug Policy in MENA review the trends and challenges for the implementation of life-saving harm reduction services in the Middle-East and North Africa region.
What is drug policy and why does it matter? Text of a talk given by Alex Stevens, to the Canberra satellite of the 2016 conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy.
Actions speak louder than words: How to include people who use drugs in decisions that affect them Written by Lynne Belle-Isle, PhD, for University of Victoria's "Matters of Substance Blog."