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Vietnam protests highlight importance of ending mandatory "rehabilitation"
Recent protests and violence at mandatory “drug rehabilitation” centres in Vietnam highlight the importance of the government’s decision to transform such facilities into community-based voluntary centres.
Few patients with pain become people who use opioids long-term
Less than two percent of patients with prescriptions for opioid pain medication become people who use opioids long-term, according to a large new study published online in the journal 'Pain.'
New advice on reducing health inequalities in the criminal justice system Local bodies can use new advice to close the shocking health gap between people in the criminal justice system and the wider population.
Heroin-assisted treatment in Switzerland: successfully regulating the supply and use of a high-risk injectable drug A number of countries prescribe heroin for use under medical supervision, as part of successful programmes to treat people who use illicit opioids, long-term.
The Seven Costs The War on Drugs: Are we paying too high a price?