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Beyond harm reduction
Sixteen years after Vancouver formally adopted a ‘four pillars’ approach to drug strategy, the city – and the province – finds itself in the grip of an overdose crisis, reports Andrea Woo.
Amnesty: Philippine police 'planned' drug war killings
Amnesty International has accused the Philippine police of "systematically planning" extrajudicial killings in the controversial war against drugs.
The cost of Punjab's heroin 'epidemic'
The northern Indian state of Punjab votes on Saturday for a new government. But the biggest issue confronting voters is not jobs or corruption, but a drugs epidemic that is sweeping the state.
Black Sheep An investigation into existing support for problematic cannabis use.
Nonmedical use of prescription drugs among young people: A growing global concern Middle East data indicate nonmedical use of prescription drugs warrants particular attention.
Highways and buyways: A snapshot of UK drug scene Headline goals for Psychoactive Substances Act achieved but new forms of SCRA street dealing and distribution putting vulnerable groups at risk as rough sleeping numbers increase.