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The butterfly community: A movement of women who use drugs in Indonesia
Risma is familiar with the harms that women can face in Indonesian prisons; in 2006, she was sentenced to 18 months incarceration after being caught with a small quantity of drugs.
The EU adopts its most progressive drug action plan ever
Although it was without much fanfare that the European Commission, in July 2017, published the new Action Plan on Drugs (2017-2020), the drug policy community should celebrate it as a great achievement both for its progressive content and for the meaningful involvement of civil society in its preparation.
'Heroin is very good at getting rid of all my problems': drugs and sexism in India
Gender bias and stigma mean female drug addicts survive under the radar, making it harder for them to access treatment.
Language matters The use of inappropriate language and words can be a barrier to access to medicines for the legitimate use of opioids, such as treatment of pain and opioid dependence.
Hepatitis C ‘giant’ still growing In 1993 what was at the time Britain’s magazine for the drug misuse sector alerted readers to an invisible “sleeping giant” – hepatitis C.
Fentanyl in the US heroin supply: A rapidly changing risk environment The supply of heroin into the US has changed with new source forms and market strategies. Of particular concern is the rampant and persistent adulteration of heroin with synthetic opioids, most conspicuously the family of fentanyls.