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How an AIDS conference sidelined an at-risk population
As advocates, officials, and health care professionals gather in Durban, South Africa this week for the AIDS2016 conference, another group of people have moved out and not by choice.
Thousands Held in Brutal Chinese Drug Detention Centres
Thousands of Chinese people who use drugs are being imprisoned in inhumane conditions.
Prisons need better drug treatment programs to control infectious diseases
Worldwide, around 30 million people enter and leave prison each year. Of these, around 4.5 million have hepatitis C, almost 1 million have HIV and 1.5 million have hepatitis B infections. By Professor Kate Dolan.
Treatment as prevention among injecting drug users; extrapolating from the Amsterdam cohort study The objective of this study was to determine the potential of treatment as prevention for reducing HIV incidence among injecting drug users (IDU).
HIV and related infections in prisoners 4 HIV, prisoners, and human rights.
For HIV with substance use, patient navigation, incentives not enough to improve outcomes A study found that among patients with HIV infection and substance use, patient navigation and financial incentives did not have a beneficial effect on suppressing HIV, compared to treatment as usual.