Global Drug Policy will be debated at the united nations in 2016.
The voice of physicians will be heard.
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2500 by April 2016
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Inside the Secretive, Abusive World of Mexico's Private Drug Rehab Centers
You can't see the house from the street. It is surrounded by a towering wall laced with barbed wire fencing, and it boasts a large, locked, metal door.
From Afghan Fields to an English Needle: Tracing Heroin's Journey Across the World
In densely-populated Brent, one of the poorest boroughs in London, it's not difficult to find heroin. It might have fallen out of favour with the younger generation of drug users, for whom the 1990s was enough warning of the drug's many downsides, but a large number of addicts who started using in the 1970s and 1980s are still around.
Street opioids are getting deadlier. Overseeing drug use can reduce deaths.
Crackdowns on prescriptions are sending addicts to find a fix in the street. But drugs there are more often being made with rapidly fatal doses of fentanyl.
Drugnet Europe 94 In this issue: 2016 EU Drug Markets Report | Monitoring illicit drugs in wastewater | UNGASS 2016 | Strengthening early warning on new synthetic opioids | New EMCDDA products and services | Upcoming ESPAD report | EMCDDA scientific paper award
HCV Quest The HCV Quest survey was designed to shine a spotlight on the experiences of patients around the world and to use insights from people living with the disease to drive awareness of the true burden of hepatitis C.
HIV and drugs: a common, common-sense agenda for 2016 2016 is set to be a historic year for people living with and affected by HIV and people who use drugs. The UN High-Level Meeting on AIDS offers an opportunity to fast-track the response to ending the AIDS epidemic, including progressive approaches to drugs policy.