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Prisons need better drug treatment programs to control infectious diseases
Worldwide, around 30 million people enter and leave prison each year. Of these, around 4.5 million have hepatitis C, almost 1 million have HIV and 1.5 million have hepatitis B infections. By Professor Kate Dolan.
The 'War On Drugs' is driving a global epidemic of HIV, TB and hepatitis
Major new study says jails hothouse infectious diseases, which are then passed on to the wider community.
HIV and related infections in prisoners 4 HIV, prisoners, and human rights.
For HIV with substance use, patient navigation, incentives not enough to improve outcomes A study found that among patients with HIV infection and substance use, patient navigation and financial incentives did not have a beneficial effect on suppressing HIV, compared to treatment as usual.
Drug-attributable deaths in the Boston-area homeless population People experiencing homelessness are more likely to die than people of the same age, and even income status, who have stable housing.