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Opioid-linked deaths dip as ODs rise
Opioid-related deaths are down this year in Boston despite an uptick in overall overdoses, and Narcan use has spiked by more than 25 percent, city officials say.
Not waiting for government, activists offer unsanctioned services for drug users in the Downtown Eastside
On Sept 21 at city hall, Vancouver’s top doctor spoke before council with an update on the government’s response to an overdose-drug epidemic that has killed hundreds of people.
Canada has just approved prescription heroin
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government has taken a less draconian approach to fighting heroin addiction than the previous government did.
Will drug use rise? Exploring a key concern about decriminalising or regulating drugs.
Understanding and preventing drug-related deaths The report of a national expert working group to investigate drug-related deaths in England.
Opioids for non-cancer pain—should we or shouldn’t we prescribe? The topic of prescribing opioids for chronic non cancer pain is going through troubled times.