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The biggest HIV/AIDS research breakthroughs of 2014
Groundbreaking research is uncovering better ways to keep AIDS at bay and prevent HIV infection and transmission.
Reconsidering Addiction and Addiction Treatment: A Talk with Dr. Stanton Peele and DPA's asha bandele
In this "telephone call", DPA and Dr.Stanton Peele discuss the differences between problematic drug use and addiction, realistic treatment options, and the relationship between addiction, stigma and drug policy reform.
Four laws that are devastating public health in Uganda
The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Bill passed in Uguanda in November, also known as the Narcotics Law, is a draconian piece of legislation, aiming to deter drug use by imposing inhumanely long prison sentences.
Transformation and time-out: The role of alcohol in identity construction among Scottish women in early midlife This article explores how alcohol is associated with the construction of gender identities among women aged 30 to 50 years in the west of Scotland, United Kingdom.
Barriers to care and treatment for patients with chronic viral hepatitis in Europe: A systematic review Despite the availability of effective therapies for hepatitis B and C virus, only a minority of these patients receive treatment. This publication systematically reviews published data on barriers to management for chronic HBV/HCV patients in Europe.
A photo report on Swiss drug policy: Health, safety, public, order This publication explores how Switzerland’s 4 pillars drug strategy (treatment, harm reduction, prevention and law enforcement) have reduced drug-related crime, increased stability, eliminated open drug scenes, resulted in less young initiations into heroin use, improved quality of life and general health of drug users.