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Dr. Stambul
Why I joined IDHDP
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Why I joined IDHDP
Members from Slovenia, Catalonia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Russia discuss why they joined International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies.
From care to incarceration: The relationship between adverse childhood experience and dysfunctionality in later life
A government report from 2002 states that a staggering 49% of children who have been in care will end up in the prison system. They make up 23% of the total prison population.
Bucharest's Drug-Addicted Roma Are Being Left to Rot
"The general public's attitude to the Roma and to the drug addicts is that we are wasting money on nothing, that it's better to let them die than to help them," said Dan Popescu, harm-reduction services coordinator at the Asociatia Romana Anti-SIDA (ARAS). - Max Daly for Vice.
Opus divinum This month’s story by Dr Jasna Cuk Rupnik MD from Center for prevention and treatment of addiction of illicit drugs, Logatec, Slovenia.
Cannabis: how spending five minutes in primary care can make a difference SMMGP - At a time of changing regulation and an increasing acceptance and evidence base for its use as a medicine across diverse conditions, GPs could be left thinking that it’s all a bit confusing and wondering what their stance should be in clinical practice.
Newsletter of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction In this issue: New technical report on estimating trends in injecting drug use |EMCDDA: 20 years of monitoring | Memorandum of Understanding with Armenia |EMCDDA launches IPA 5 project with the Western Balkans | New EMCDDA products and services | Selection procedure for new EMCDDA Director.