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WMA warns against making essential anaesthetic a controlled drug
The World Medical Association is urging its 111 member associations to lobby their governments to oppose scheduling the anaesthetic agent Ketamine as a controlled drug.
Doctors internationally strongly opposed to potential scheduling of ketamine
Many rural areas in developing countries would be left without anaesthesia for essential surgery.
How drugs travel around the world
Republished by Business Insider with permission from Around the World in An Atlas for Today, this graph charts the path from production to consumer of cocaine, heroin, and Amphetamine-type stimulant.
How should we measure addiction recovery? ‘Recovery’ has been an important concept in mental health services for nearly three decades (Scheyett, DeLuca, & Morgan, 2013) and is now an increasingly core feature of international addiction policy and practice.
Benzodiazepine use among chronic pain patients prescribed opioids: Associations with pain, physical and mental health, and health service utilization Benzodiazepines (BZDs) are commonly used by chronic pain patients, despite limited evidence of any long-term benefits and concerns regarding adverse events and drug interactions, particularly in older patients.
National Take-Home Naloxone (THN) Programme Scotland In the decade 2002-2012 the number of drug-related deaths (DRDs) registered in Scotland increased and the rate of DRDs is higher than those seen in other parts of the UK.