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People who use drugs do not lose their human rights
To tackle the world drug problem, countries should shift from an approach primarily based on law enforcement to one that, first and foremost, focuses on the human rights of drug users.
Opioid dependency is a big problem, but prescribing analgesia to patients who need them are not the cause
Regulatory efforts in US will fail unless they acknowledge that the problem is actually driven by illicit, not medical, drug use and cracking down on highly effective pain medications will make patients suffer for no good reason.
Anyone’s Child International
Anyone's Child could be a casualty of the war on drugs.
Exploring the effects criminal history and socioeconomic status have on racial and ethnic disparities in substance use treatment Odds of receiving any treatment were 36% lower for blacks and 33% lower for Latinos compared to non-Latino whites.
Drug related hospital stays in Australia 1993 - 2014 This bulletin presents data on drug-related hospital separations in Australia from 1993-2014 for the following drug types: opioids, cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis.
Op-ed/Editorial: Overcoming the U.S. Substance Use Treatment Crisis Requires a Focus on Issues of Equity This op-ed was written by Dr. Ben Cook, Director of the Health Equity Research Lab and the Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research at Cambridge Health Alliance. It is part of Special Series on Disparities in the Experience and Treatment of Addiction at BASIS.