Child maltreatment and cannabis use in young adulthood: a birth cohort study
Aims to investigate whether child maltreatment is associated with life-time cannabis use, early-onset cannabis use,daily cannabis use and DSM-IV cannabis abuse in young adulthood.
Black Sheep
An investigation into existing support for problematic cannabis use.
Nonmedical use of prescription drugs among young people: A growing global concern
Middle East data indicate nonmedical use of prescription drugs warrants particular attention.
Highways and buyways: A snapshot of UK drug scene
Headline goals for Psychoactive Substances Act achieved but new forms of SCRA street dealing and distribution putting vulnerable groups at risk as rough sleeping numbers increase.
Drugs, alcohol, and suicide represent growing share of U.S. mortality
Americans are killing themselves at an alarming rate. Nationwide, the mortality rate, from drug poisoning, alcohol poisoning, and suicide increased by 52 percent between 2000 and 2014.
Youth RISE is back on the scene!
2016 was the year for our partners, Youth RISE to regenerate. With the beginning of 2017 they are excited to announce their rebranding. They now bring a new set of resources to support, educate, and empower young people to help the world's at-risk youths with innovative thinking, new approaches, and a new appearance.
Dr Bob Newman tells us about OAT (OST) in the USA
Dr Bob Newman tells us the situation of Opioid Agonist Therapy (“OAT”) formally know as Opioid Substitution Treatment (“OST”) In the USA.
Lola - A Case Story
Written by Dr Beatrice Stambul, Former Head of the Center for Prevention and Addiction Treatment (CSAPA) Villa Floreal, Aix en Provence, France
OST History in France
Dr Beatrice Stambul, former Head of the Center for Prevention and Addiction Treatment (CSAPA) tells us the situation of OST in France.
Why people who use heroin aren't as afraid of deadly fentanyl as they should be
Decades of misinformation from the war on drugs have left hardcore users cynical about a very real danger.
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