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The butterfly community: A movement of women who use drugs in Indonesia
22 Aug 2017
Risma is familiar with the harms that women can face in Indonesian prisons; in 2006, she was sentenced to 18 months incarceration after being caught with a small quantity of drugs.
The EU adopts its most progressive drug action plan ever
11 Aug 2017
Although it was without much fanfare that the European Commission, in July 2017, published the new Action Plan on Drugs (2017-2020), the drug policy community should celebrate it as a great achievement both for its progressive content and for the meaningful involvement of civil society in its preparation.
'Heroin is very good at getting rid of all my problems': drugs and sexism in India
1 Aug 2017
Gender bias and stigma mean female drug addicts survive under the radar, making it harder for them to access treatment.
What’s the point in a new drug strategy if it isn’t being funded and isn’t new?
20 Jul 2017
As home secretary Theresa May published the last drug strategy 7 years ago, she couldn’t have predicted what would have happened to her since.
UK Government’s new drug strategy is a "shameful ignoring of the evidence"
17 Jul 2017
The government claims that its new drug strategy represents a fresh approach to the challenges posed by illicit drugs. In reality, it is stuck in a time warp, fighting battles that were lost in the last century.
It's Time for the U.S. to Decriminalize Drug Use and Possession
11 Jul 2017
This report offers a roadmap for how to begin to unwind the failed drug war.
Methadone is getting an image rehab as opioid crisis deepens
4 Jul 2017
A half-century into the “war on drugs,” with a new wave of opioid addiction at crisis proportions, some commercial health insurers are beginning to cover methadone maintenance, the oldest and best-researched treatment for addiction to heroin and prescription pain relievers.
New opioid restrictions create greater drug crisis, doctors say
3 Jul 2017
Desperate for relief from unbearable pain following knee surgery, Lorna Bird says she was forced to buy drugs from the Downtown Eastside streets of Vancouver when her doctor stopped prescribing an opioid in response to new standards aimed at preventing fatal overdoses.
Why opioid deaths are this generation’s Aids crisis
29 Jun 2017
The soaring numbers of deaths from overdoses in the US and UK requires a radical and fast rethink of drugs policy.
Opioid epidemic is devastating women in Afghanistan
26 Jun 2017
A rising opium and heroin epidemic in Afghanistan has begun taking a toll on the country’s women, tens of thousands of whom are believed to be suffering from addiction inside their homes and outside of the public eye.
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