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Dr Bob Newman tells us about OAT (OST) in the USA
24 Feb 2017
Dr Bob Newman tells us the situation of Opioid Agonist Therapy (“OAT”) formally know as Opioid Substitution Treatment (“OST”) In the USA.
Department turns to methadone to fight opiate addiction.
23 Feb 2017
People who use heroin and other strong opiates have resisted all efforts so far to get off drugs, so authorities have turned to the controversial 'cure' of methadone.
OST History in France
22 Feb 2017
Dr Beatrice Stambul, former Head of the Center for Prevention and Addiction Treatment (CSAPA) tells us the situation of OST in France.
In Duterte’s footsteps, Hun Sen launches a drug war
21 Feb 2017
Cambodia's new war on drugs aims to blunt a spike in addiction and trafficking, but critics see a publicity stunt ahead of crucial provincial elections.
Beyond harm reduction
17 Feb 2017
Sixteen years after Vancouver formally adopted a ‘four pillars’ approach to drug strategy, the city – and the province – finds itself in the grip of an overdose crisis, reports Andrea Woo.
Amnesty: Philippine police 'planned' drug war killings
10 Feb 2017
Amnesty International has accused the Philippine police of "systematically planning" extrajudicial killings in the controversial war against drugs.
The cost of Punjab's heroin 'epidemic'
6 Feb 2017
The northern Indian state of Punjab votes on Saturday for a new government. But the biggest issue confronting voters is not jobs or corruption, but a drugs epidemic that is sweeping the state.
Russian Foreign Minister slams drug substitution therapy amid country's HIV epidemic
3 Feb 2017
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has spoken out against drug substitution therapy at Moscow's International Anti-Drug Forum, the state-run TASS news agency reported.
Reasons for drug policy reform: people who use drugs are denied evidence based treatment
19 Jan 2017
Prohibition can prevent access to harm reduction treatment, including methadone, for people who inject drugs, writes Michel Kazatchkine.
Vietnam protests highlight importance of ending mandatory "rehabilitation"
18 Jan 2017
Recent protests and violence at mandatory “drug rehabilitation” centres in Vietnam highlight the importance of the government’s decision to transform such facilities into community-based voluntary centres.
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