There can be no doubt that IDHDP has had a significant role in increasing the number of medical doctors actively engaged in drug policy reform.

Over 1250 family doctors, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, obstetricians, palliative care specialists, HIV and HCV specialists, public health doctors and many others, from well over 100 countries, joined IDHDP as members since it started 14 years ago.

However, unfortunately, due to lack of funding IDHDP is now in the process of closing.

The good news is that a new organisation - Doctors for Drug Policy Reform  - with very similar aims and objectives to IDHDP has just opened. We encourage all our members and supporters to join with them to carry on advocating for sensible and humane drug policy all over the world.

Until the end of 2023, while IDHDP is going through the formalities of closing, we will be monitoring the email if anyone has any questions.