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The Wrong Way to Treat Opioid Addiction
Widespread rejection of proven addiction medications is the single biggest obstacle to ending the overdose epidemic.
Hepatitis C innovation
Excellent new messaging from Correlation
What We Don't Know About Drugs Is Killing Us
The lack of information out there on fentanyl alone is shocking.
A global picture of injecting drug use, HIV and anti-HCV prevalence among people who inject drugs, and coverage of harm reduction interventions Understanding how many people inject drugs is critically important for the effective provision of public health and harm reduction services.
Palliative care makes only limited gains in Africa Palliative care has increased in Africa over the past 12 years but only in a small subset of countries, according to a review published today in Lancet Oncology.
Avoid stigmatising language for people who use drugs, global commission urges The report recommended that clinicians and healthcare professionals should be vocal in promoting evidence based prevention, treatment, and harm reduction services and should tackle perception based stigmas in healthcare settings.