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Anyone's Child could be a casualty of the drug war in Kenya
It’s time for drug laws that protect our families
Almost 1,000 prisoners executed worldwide in 2017
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq record highest executions, as rights group reports global decline in the use of death penalty.
How France cut heroin overdoses by 79 percent in 4 years
In the 1980s, France went through a heroin epidemic in which hundreds of thousands became addicted.
Why access to morphine is a human right "It’s easy to think of human rights as in some way innate, as something we and our ancestors have all simply been born with." says Jonathan Leighton, Executive Director, Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS)
Harm Reduction: More than just clean needles Harm reduction is a realistic, pragmatic and non-judgmental approach based upon openness, understanding and respect.
Drug-related deaths in Scotland 1979–2013: evidence of a vulnerable cohort of young men living in deprived areas Even after accounting for deprivation, mortality rates are higher in Scotland relative to the rest of Western Europe. Higher mortality from alcohol- and drug-related deaths (DRDs), violence and suicide (particularly in young adults) contribute to this ‘excess’ mortality.