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The Deadly Worst Case Scenario for America's Xanax Obsession
Cracking down on the legal supply is not a solution. In fact, it could spell disaster.
Africa is heroin’s new highway to the West
The trade is poisoning politics and fuelling addiction on the continent
How the failed 'war on drugs' harms vulnerable communities
Fraction of US outpatient treatment centers offer medication for opioid addiction Study finds that most substance use disorder treatment facilities still do not offer medication treatment for opioid use disorder
THE GLOBAL STATE OF HARM REDUCTION 2018 This report was made possible by the collaborative input of harm reduction organisations networks, drug user organisations, researchers, academics and advocates.
Medically Supervised Injecting Facility A Medically Supervised Injecting Facility (MSIF) is a healthcare facility where people can inject drugs, obtained elsewhere, under the supervision of trained health professionals.