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Out of harm's way. How transforming drug policy will redefine harm reduction
Years ago, when I was part of a team introducing harm reduction programming into a country where at that time it was a new concept, we described our work as reducing the negative consequences of drug use. But over the years I have come to realise that the ills which harm reduction mitigates are not the consequences of drug use, but rather of drug policies.
Perceived fear of losing children major barrier to women accessing treatment
A new report from Trinity College has found that there is an urgent need for the expansion of gender-sensitive drug and alcohol treatment approaches that support the needs of women.
Biden Could Have Taken the War on Drugs Down a Notch. He Didn’t.
A little-noticed law could make it easier to punish people for low-level drug crimes — and put them in prison for longer with less proof.
Services now ‘on their knees’, says Carol Black "Funding cuts have left treatment and recovery services ‘on their knees’, commissioning has ‘become fragmented with little accountability for outcomes’ and partnerships between local authorities and health and criminal justice agencies have deteriorated across the country" Professor Dame Carol Black
The Harms of Incarceration The evidence base and human rights framework for decarceration and harm reduction in prisons
Give a helping hand, not handcuffs: Social decriminalization campaign in Lithuania This year “Young Wave” has focused small grant activities on the development of the social campaign. Why have you chosen such kind of activity? Could you please tell us what your campaign is about?