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Opioid Hysteria Comes to Massachusetts Courts
This month, Massachusetts became the first state to ban fentanyl and carfentanil from being brought into courthouses as exhibits, out of concern that these substances are simply too dangerous to be in public places.
The Stories of Women in Prison for Drug Related Crimes
This series of short films about women imprisoned for drug offenses in Mexico documents the human cost of current drug policies and the specific conditions by which these laws disproportionately impact women and their families.
On World Cancer Day: Improve access to internationally controlled essential medicines
World Cancer Day asks us to reflect on how we can play our part, as a collective or as individuals, in reducing the global burden of cancer.
How OTPs Can Help Reduce Stigma: The Boston Experience “But I don’t think education is as helpful as we hope it will be, because people come with pre-existing opinions.”
Opioid Crisis: No Easy Fix to Its Social and Economic Determinants The accepted wisdom about the US overdose crisis singles out prescribing as the causative vector. Although drug supply is a key factor, we posit that the crisis is fundamentally fueled by economic and social upheaval, its etiology closely linked to the role of opioids as a refuge from physical and psychological trauma, concentrated disadvantage, isolation, and hopelessness.
Eliminating Hepatitis C in Scotland: A Call to Action A summary of evidence from the Hepatitis C Elimination Inquiry held by the cross-party Scottish Hepatitis C Parliamentary Champions group and The Hepatitis C Trust