On this page you can find relevant researchs on drug-related health topics, including HIV, hepatitis C, drug and overdose prevention, harm reduction and drug treatment. You can also find our Clinical Guidelines.

Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective intervention
The comprehensive review is the first of its kind to examine the effectiveness of all types of preventative drug policy worldwide, including policies to control the supply of drugs, prescription programmes to control pharmaceuticals, prevention programmes and health and social services for drug users.
Hindawi Publishing Corporation - call for papers
Call for papers from the Hindawi Publishing Corporation regarding Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions for People Who Use Illicit Drugs.
HIV in injecting drug users in the EU/EEA, following a reported increase of cases in Greece and Romania
In response to a notified increase in HIV cases among injecting drug users (IDU) in Greece and Romania, the European Commission asked the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in November 2011 to conduct a rapid inquiry among their network of HIV surveillance- and drug focal points to investigate whether such increases had occurred in other countries
A guide to developing and implementing overdose prevention programs
This guide was developed in response to the growing need among service providers working with drug users in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia to introduce overdose prevention work into their services.
SMMGP Clinical Update Dec ‘11/Jan ‘12
This document is very UK focused but has very interesting papers including “Quantitative assessment of time dependent drug-use trends by the analysis of drugs and related metabolites in raw sewage (Norway)”
The Inadequate Treatment of Pain: Collateral Damage from the War on Drugs
This document provides a critical look at the current realities of access to morphine in low-, middle-, and high-income countries.
IDHDP Global Addiction Presentation (audio)
Chris Ford's presentation "The need to challenge unhealthy drug policies to improve drug treatment" at the Global Addiction Conference in Lisbon, Portugal
IDHDP Global Addiction Presentation (slides)
Chris Ford's slide presentation of "The need to challenge unhealthy drug policies to improve drug treatment" presented at the Global Addiction Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.
Addressing Viral Hepatitis in People With Substance Use Disorders
This manual has been developed to provide behavioral health care programs offering substance abuse treatment services information to better address the needs of clients who have viral hepatitis. The manual was developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
IDHDP support letter for Norway child protection case
IDHDP sent a letter in support of a young pregnant woman who was being held against her will by child welfare authorities in Norway.
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