On this page you can find relevant researchs on drug-related health topics, including HIV, hepatitis C, drug and overdose prevention, harm reduction and drug treatment. You can also find our Clinical Guidelines.

IDPC: Five Policy Principles
International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) informs and assists policy makers and advocates as they approach the task of reforming laws addressing the HIV epidemic among people who use drugs.
Universal Hepatitis B Virus Vaccination in French Prisons: Breaking Down the Last Barriers
Addiction letter to the editor on introducing HBV vaccination strategy to prisons to reduce further infections.
HRI Universal Periodic Review of Indonesia at the Human Rights Council
The report focuses on the death penalty for drug offences, corporal punishment, drug treatment, injecting drug use, HIV/AIDS and the right to health.
Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch: Global Drugs Policy in 2010
Presentation Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch from Open Society Institute's (OSI) Global Drug Policy Program, at the Conference in Prague, 30th September 2010.
Harm Reduction International statement at the UN Human Rights Council - MDG 6 summit, Russia and harm reduction
This review is a civil society report on Indonesia submitted by Harm Reduction International, in partnership with LBH Masyarakat and Asian Harm Reduction Network.
Vienna Declaration - In 5 New Languages
The Vienna Declaration is now available in five more languages thanks to the European Drug Policy Initiative (EDPI).
Abuse in the Name of Treatment - Drug Detention Centers in Asia
A film by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union on compulsory drug detention centers in Asia is available online.
Take Home Naloxone - The Right to Survive Overdoses
This is to call your attention to a new video by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union which highlights Naloxone distribution, a cheap and effective way to prevent lethal drug overdoses.
Medicines: access to controlled medicines (narcotic and psychotropic substances)
This helpful fact sheet from World Health Organization highlights the access to controlled medicines.
Overview of "Tools for Debate: US Federal Government Data on Cannabis Prohibition"
The failure of U.S. marijuana prohibition and supports calls for evidence-based models to legalize and regulate the use of cannabis. It provides an overview of the ICSDP's report "Tools for Debate: US Federal Government Data on Cannabis Prohibition" which can be found on the ICSDP web site.
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