On this page you can find relevant researchs on drug-related health topics, including HIV, hepatitis C, drug and overdose prevention, harm reduction and drug treatment. You can also find our Clinical Guidelines.

The Safer Crack Use Program
This strategy provides a comprehensive approach to alcohol and other drug use that includes prevention, harm reduction, treatment and enforcement responses.
The Pharmacological Rationale for Methadone Treatment of Narcotic Addiction
R.G. Newman presents the pharmacological principles which apply to narcotics in general, and to methadone in particular.
From the Mountaintops - What the World Can Learn from Drug Policy Change in Switzerland
Open Society Foundation, examines how evidence-based services such as heroin treatment, injection rooms, and needle exchange can lower HIV infection rates, improve health outcomes, and lower crime rates.
Evidence for Action
This presentation highlights WHO's view on the importance of Harm Reduction, presented by Andrew Ball, Annette Verster, Department of HIV/AIDS at the Harm Reduction International conference in Liverpool, April 2010.
The Persistent Rejection of Maintenance Treatment - Why?
Robert Newman -presentation at the 9th EuroPAD International Conference, Zagreb.
Making Harm Reduction Work for Women - The Ukrainian Experience
International Harm Reduction Development Program - Open Society Institute Public Health Program, Assessment in Action Series
Dr Chris Ford Discusses the Founding of the IDHDP
Dr Chris Ford talks about her experiences as a primary care clinician working with people who use drugs, and about the inaugural meeting of the IDHDP.
Women Who Inject Drugs - A Review of Their Risks, Experiences and Needs
This report highlights that women who inject drugs are substantially different needs and face higher risks of disease and violence than do men who inject drugs.
Why We Need a Network for Doctors
James Blogg and Chris Ford's presentation at the 21st IHRA International Harm Reduction Conference, Liverpool.
EHRN Position Paper on Drug Policy
Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) is a regional network, representing over 300 individuals, civil society representatives, health care providers and researchers supporting the principles of harm reduction. With the goal to promote the drug policy reform that is based on public health principles, respectful of human rights and scientific evidence, EHRN has released the Drug Policy Position Paper, a set of key principles, endorsed by the Network, to guide EHRN and its members in their work.
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