On this page you will find the latest relevant updates on a broad range of health and policy related topics, including HIV, hepatitis C, drug use, overdose prevention, harm reduction, drug treatment and criminal justice.

Street credibility and respect
1 Dec 2017
A recipe to help others by a person who uses drugs
HIV and Women in Prison
1 Dec 2017
Gender inequality, stigma, discrimination and gender-based violence add to women’s vulnerability to HIV in prisons. HIV rates among women in prison are always higher than those among men in prison.
Right to Health
1 Dec 2017
People who inject drugs are 24 times more at risk of acquiring HIV than adults in the general population.
Russia’s Methadone Ban Is Fueling an HIV Epidemic in Crimea
18 Nov 2017
When Russia annexed Crimea in March 2014, the peninsula’s new leadership announced that OAT therapy would be banned.
Brazil must legalise drugs – its existing policy just destroys lives
18 Nov 2017
For decades, Brazil has had the same drug policy approach. Police, weapons and numerous arrests. It does not take an expert to conclude the obvious: the strategy has failed.
Testing Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
17 Nov 2017
Can be the first step to accessing healthcare, treatment and support.
Mexican troops waging war on drug gangs not punished for rights abuses – report
16 Nov 2017
Research shows most abuses go unsolved and unpunished despite reforms letting civilian authorities investigate and prosecute such crimes
Russia, China back war vs drugs
16 Nov 2017
Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jin Ping of China have thrown their support behind the administration’s war on drugs, President Rodrigo Duterte said late Saturday.
10 Nov 2017
This case study explores learnings generated during the establishment of Nepal’s national opioid substitution therapy (OST) programme.
An Overdose Death Is Not Murder: Why Drug-Induced Homicide Laws Are Counterproductive and Inhumane
10 Nov 2017
This report examines one strategy – “drug-induced homicide” – that the evidence suggests is intensifying, rather than helping, the problem and calls for leaders to turn toward proven measures to address rapidly increasing rates of overdose deaths.
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