On this page you will find the latest relevant updates on a broad range of health and policy related topics, including HIV, hepatitis C, drug use, overdose prevention, harm reduction, drug treatment and criminal justice.

The Strongest Evidence Yet for a Highly Controversial Addiction Treatment
13 Dec 2018
When other approaches fail, the most effective way to fight a heroin addiction can be heroin itself.
Rejected by A.A.
13 Dec 2018
How the 12 Step program and its decades-old philosophy are exacerbating the opioid crisis
The Crucial Role of Mothers in Reforming Drug Policy
28 Nov 2018
Mothers in the UK, US, Canada, and beyond are advocating for drug policy reform; for many, their advocacy follows the death or incarceration of their child as a result of the drug war.
Punjab's drug menace: 'I wanted my son to die'
28 Nov 2018
The northern Indian state of Punjab has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of drug-related deaths this year. BBC Punjabi's Arvind Chhabra investigates why the drug menace has become worse in the state.
How 'fixing rooms' are saving the lives of people who inject drugs
22 Nov 2018
Across Europe, facilities that offer medical supervision for people who inject drugs are dramatically reducing drug-related deaths
Efforts to Tackle Illegal Drugs ‘Spectacular’ Failure
23 Oct 2018
As we approach 2019 – the year set out by the UN a decade ago as the target date by which to “eliminate or reduce significantly and measurably” illegal drug markets – the International Drug Policy Consortium, a global coalition of 170 nongovernmental organizations working on drug policy issues, argues that this goal has been “spectacularly missed.”
Calls for radical action to curb record drug deaths in Scotland
17 Oct 2018
Addiction experts are calling for radical measures to tackle a crisis in fatal drug overdosing in Scotland, as they predict more than 1,000 drug-related deaths this year, the highest ever recorded.
Preventing overdose deaths in Europe
9 Oct 2018
More than 9 000 lives were reported to be lost to drug overdoses in Europe (28 EU Member States, Turkey and Norway) in 2016, the latest reporting year, and this is an underestimate.
Campaign Pushes For Drug Policy Rethink
4 Oct 2018
With drug induced deaths at a 20 year high in Australia, a coalition of 60 charity, community and health groups are launching a campaign to push for a rethink of current drug policy.
‘The crisis is not abating’: Opioids killing more than 11 Canadians daily
4 Oct 2018
More than 11 Canadians are dying every day on average because of opioids, according to new data from the federal government.
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