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Dozens caged and shackled in Trinidad drug rehab center, police say
18 Oct 2019
Dozens of people were found on Wednesday in squalid conditions, chained and in cages in a Trinidad and Tobago rehabilitation center run by a religious group for ex-prisoners and drug users, where some were tortured and held for years, police said.
Drug Treatment Centres or Private Torture Clinics?
17 Oct 2019
On January 11, 2019, a fire at a drug rehabilitation centre in Guayaquil, Ecuador, claimed 18 patients’ lives. Locked into their rooms and forced to detox “cold turkey,” the victims couldn’t escape as flames engulfed the building.
The Uncounted Victims of the War on Drugs
15 Oct 2019
Ethnic and racial minorities are incarcerated, policed, shot, and killed at growing rates across the globe. The UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent called for drug laws to be amended in light of racial injustice.
In Cambodia’s prisons, pregnant women and young children are inmates
10 Oct 2019
Since January 2017, there has been an alarming rise in the number of pregnant women and infants incarcerated. Widespread corruption means these impoverished female inmates have little to offer in exchange for their freedom
Caught defenseless in the crossfire': Rio families cope with deaths by police violence
9 Oct 2019
Rio de Janeiro police have killed a record number of people in the name of Wilson Witzel’s war on drugs, and many say it’s civilian lives being lost
The White Van Prescribing Buprenorphine Outside a Baltimore Jail
5 Oct 2019
The large white GMC van sits outside of the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center Jail on 300 E Eager Street, four days a week.
The failed war on drugs: What Africa needs to do
5 Oct 2019
It is imperative that African countries put an immediate end to the criminalisation of people who use drugs, the possession of drugs for personal use, and of subsistence farmers.
America’s opioid catastrophe has lessons for us all, about greed and racial division
7 Sep 2019
Big pharma saw huge profits in medicalising the social stress of the white working class
Calls for needle exchange program in NSW jails amid rising illicit drug use
7 Sep 2019
New South Wales ice inquiry hears that corrections department has no ‘overall strategy’ to deal with drug use in ballooning prison population
The year fentanyl hit the street, I overdosed six times. The solution is a safer drug supply
3 Sep 2019
VANCOUVER—I spent 20 years injecting heroin. During the year that fentanyl hit the streets, I overdosed six times. On each occasion, I consumed what I believed was heroin but was probably fentanyl or its analogues
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