On this page you will find the latest relevant updates on a broad range of health and policy related topics, including HIV, hepatitis C, drug use, overdose prevention, harm reduction, drug treatment and criminal justice.

#WorldHepatitisDay: Supporting the HCV elimination agenda –– an EMCDDA initiative to increase access to hepatitis C care in drug services
31 Jul 2019
Every year, on 28 July, the World Health Organization (WHO) and partners mark World Hepatitis Day. Its aim is to increase awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis and the diseases it causes.
Capitalism gone wrong: how big pharma created America's opioid carnage
25 Jul 2019
A web of firms ramped up narcotic painkiller sales, creating the biggest drug epidemic in American history as profits surged.
Inside Switzerland’s Radical Drug Policy Innovation
25 Jul 2019
A look at how Switzerland radically and successfully changed its approach to drug policy following a heroin epidemic in the late 1980s and 90s, and what the effort teaches us about the social innovation process.
Neither Justice Nor Treatment
19 Jul 2019
Drug courts in the United States routinely fail to provide adequate, medically-sound treatment for substance use disorders, with treatment plans that are at times designed and facilitated by individuals with little to no medical training.
Lack of access to treatment and prescribing practice contribute to drug death figures.
19 Jul 2019
"Lack of access to treatment and prescribing practice contribute to drug death figures."
Malaysia to decriminalise drug use, says health minister
5 Jul 2019
Malaysia has some of the world's most punitive drug policies, but the new government is reviewing the approach.
Facebook Is Censoring Posts That Could Save Opioid Users' Lives
3 Jul 2019
Facebook appears to be blocking people who warn users about poisonous batches of drugs or who supply materials used to test for fentanyl.
HIV Is Spreading in West Virginia. The Solution Is in Short Supply
2 Jul 2019
Since the beginning of 2018, 55 new cases of HIV have been reported in Cabell County, which includes Huntington, according to state health officials. Nearly all of the infections were transmitted through injection drug use. Previously, the county averaged eight cases a year.
A Pitiful Sanctuary
26 Jun 2019
I never anticipated spending so much of my clinical time in bathrooms. But drug overdose is the leading cause of death among the homeless individuals I take care of at a health center in Boston
Malaysians paid over half a billion ringgit to jail drug users in 2017
18 Jun 2019
KUALA LUMPUR, June 17 — The government spent over half a billion ringgit to jail minor drug offenders just in 2017 alone and over RM200 million more to arrest and house addicts in state-run rehabilitation centres the same year, a drug law reform forum was told.
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