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Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh publishes report on drug-related deaths in Scotland
2 Mar 2021
The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh has launched a new report on drug-related deaths in Scotland, based on the views of leading experts.
Why the US Has Embraced Drug Law Reform, But the UK Won't
24 Feb 2021
In the US, drug reform is at the centre of political debate while in Britain politicians continue to shove the issue under the carpet. Here’s why
UNODC Supports Harm Reduction in Viet Nam Through Take-Home Methadone Doses
16 Feb 2021
A UNODC initiative marked a critical step forward in the implementation of HIV harm reduction in Viet Nam around a decade ago, when the very first doses of methadone were administered in the country through the Opioid Substitution Therapy programme. Today, a brand new UNODC programme to be launched early this year, promises to expand its predecessor’s reach by offering take-home methadone doses.
Kings Cross businesses want removal of injecting centre to revive strip
15 Feb 2021
Kings Cross businesses are calling for the removal of the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre from the downtrodden strip if the area is to thrive from the removal of the lockout laws.
15 Feb 2021
An epidemic of drug overdoses has claimed more than 20,000 Canadians since 2016 — about the same number of victims as the coronavirus. Here, The Globe puts names and faces to those we lost, taking them out of the shadows of grief and shame
Lawmakers urge Biden to back opioid-treatment measure
10 Feb 2021
Bipartisan group calls on president to ‘deliver on your promise’ to expand access in early test of administration’s opioid strategy
Cocaine: falling coffee prices force Peru’s farmers to cultivate coca
9 Feb 2021
A slump in world coffee prices has pushed farmers in Peru’s central jungle to rip up their plants and replace them with coca leaf – the raw material used in cocaine.
Boston’s “Methadone Mile” and the Wars on Drug Users, Unhoused People
9 Feb 2021
Four gentrifying Boston neighborhoods—Roxbury, Dorchester, the South End and South Boston—collide and form the intersection of Massachusetts Ave and Melnea Cass Blvd, named for a revered Roxbury civil rights leader. For short, “Mass and Cass.”
Meth Use Is on the Rise in Southeast Asia – And COVID Is To Blame
29 Jan 2021
An excess of drugs in the Golden Triangle region due to COVID export restrictions has led to an increase in meth use among young people and workers.
What Harm Reductionists Want From Biden’s “Drug Czar”
27 Jan 2021
On January 20, the Biden administration announced Regina LaBelle as acting director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. LaBelle, who previously served as the ONDCP’s chief of staff during the Obama administration, appears to be more aligned with harm reduction than a typical candidate for the role.
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