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Guess Which Country Pays the Most for Illicit Drugs?
27 Feb 2019
The latest Bloomberg Global Vice Index, an annual price tracker of illicit drugs, reveals that Americans pay more for their illegal substances than residents of any other country in the world except for New Zealand (#2) and Australia (#1)—and drugs cost 40 percent more here than they did last year.
A Tale of Two Cities in the Grips of the Opioid Crisis
26 Feb 2019
Vancouver and Philadelphia are both facing overdose epidemics—but one city has found a way to keep people alive.
Rodrigo Duterte: Philippines president suggests deadly war on drug dealers will get even ‘bloodier’
21 Feb 2019
Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte warned on Wednesday his signature anti-narcotics campaign will be even harsher in the future, signalling no let-up in a bloody crackdown that has alarmed the international community.
Brave Russian Harm Reductionists Launch Chemsex Program in Moscow
18 Feb 2019
The spread of chemsex in Russia is “associated with the emergence of new and affordable drugs and with the development of technologies for their purchase,” ARF outreach worker Maxim Malyshev tells Filter.
Sri Lanka to begin hangings within months, ending 43-year stay on executions
18 Feb 2019
Crackdown inspired by Philippines’ war on drugs comes as president Maithripala Sirisena faces tough election
Why Europe Has Dodged America's Fentanyl Crisis
18 Feb 2019
Europe's most lucrative heroin markets seem ripe for a fentanyl takeover. But why the no-show?
The Deadly Worst Case Scenario for America's Xanax Obsession
14 Feb 2019
Cracking down on the legal supply is not a solution. In fact, it could spell disaster.
Africa is heroin’s new highway to the West
11 Feb 2019
The trade is poisoning politics and fuelling addiction on the continent
11 Feb 2019
How the failed 'war on drugs' harms vulnerable communities
Fentanyl Overdoses Spike on Mexico’s Northern Border But Remain Invisible
7 Feb 2019
Until recently, people in Tijuana and other Mexican border cities who use heroin almost exclusively consumed the black tar form of the drug, originating from poppy-growing states such as Guerrero and Chihuahua. In 2018, local drug gangs seem to have switched en masse to trafficking “white” or “China white,” a synthetic powder that often contains the powerful painkiller fentanyl.
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