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B.C.’s chief health officer calls for decriminalization of illicit drugs
26 Apr 2019
British Columbia’s top public health officer is urging the province to decriminalize people who use and possess small amounts of illicit drugs in the province, calling it a “fundamental underpinning and necessary next step” in the response to the overdose crisis.
How the War on Drugs Attacks Indigenous Culture
20 Apr 2019
In an ongoing and under-publicised tragedy, indigenous peoples around the world routinely have their rights violated under the name of the global drug war.
To Address Addiction, Confront Racism in Our Health and Justice Systems
11 Apr 2019
Unless the USA acknowledges the deeply ingrained, continuing legacy of slavery and anti-black racism in both its public health and criminal justice systems, it will never make the transformational change that is needed.
War on drugs has helped cocaine traffickers conquer swathes of Central America, study suggests
7 Apr 2019
Almost 20 per cent of US drug control spending goes on attempts to intercept shipments, with a ‘dismal’ success rate
We Need More Focus on How the Drug War Attacks Parents of Color
6 Apr 2019
It would be hard to dispute that the War on Drugs, instigated by President Nixon in 1971, has deliberately targeted lower-income communities and communities of color.
Let’s Address Four Common Myths About Harm Reduction
5 Apr 2019
Despite considerable research evidence being available to dispel myths -confusion about common harm reduction strategies has stubbornly persisted in the wider population, preventing them from becoming mainstream.
Opioid Overreaction
30 Mar 2019
There is a real crisis. But the solution is flawed.
China’s strong-arm approach to drug addiction does not work
29 Mar 2019
Rising numbers of people who use drugs suggest a need for a more subtle policy
Violence against women is overlooked in its role in opioid epidemic
29 Mar 2019
Many women in controlling and violent relationships “self-medicate” – or use drugs that are not prescribed to them to help with their medical condition – to mitigate the trauma of physical and sexual assault.
‘Why I want to legally regulate drugs’.
22 Mar 2019
The film, directed by Andrew Davies of Campaign Film is shot in the favelas of Sao Paulo. It provides honest testimonies from people directly affected by the failed ‘war on drugs’ in one of Brazil’s poorest cities.
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