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France uses tax to put pressure on hepatitis C drug prices
15 Oct 2014
If social security spending on hepatitis C drugs exceeds 450 million euros ($567 million) in 2014, the makers of those drugs will be taxed, announces the French government.
Tuberculosis: A Crisis in Eastern Europe and Central Asia that the West cannot ignore
14 Oct 2014
Although new technologies are now available to diagnose Tuberculosis and test for TB drug susceptibility / resistance, the reality is that less than 50 per cent of the estimated new cases of TB are diagnosed across the region.
Health Canada's prescription heroin ban issued on thin ground
13 Oct 2014
In October 2013, Health Canada banned B.C. doctors from prescribing heroin to drug dependents.
World Hospice and Palliative Care Day - Why it matters!
13 Oct 2014
The International Hospice and Palliative Care Day draws attention to the unique and wonderful vocation of hospice and palliative care providers around the world.
The positive research behind the DCR debates in France
13 Oct 2014
Some researches conducted by Aerli (Accompagnement et éducation aux risques liés à l’injection) show a decrease of 41% complications during the injection, and a decrease of 43% in the risky practices around the HepC transmission.
HIV explosion in Romanian prisons: Drug users are the most affected population
9 Oct 2014
There is an accelerated rise in the HIV prevalence in prisoners in Romania. Out of the 321 HIV positive prisoners in 2013, 271 are people who use drugs, 127 of whom were registered in 2013. For now, only 15 prisoners have access to OST.
HIV-related stigma has increased in Uganda despite treatment roll-out
8 Oct 2014
The internalised stigma on HIV score increased by 11% from 2007 to 2012 in Uganda, according to an international team of investigators.
Viral Hepatitis and Drug Use in Europe
1 Oct 2014
BMC Infectious Disease supplement “Viral Hepatitis and Drug Use in Europe” is live.
NAPW Asks: "Who Among Us Will Take a Stand?"
1 Oct 2014
With this letter National Advocates for Pregnant Women continues its fight for the rights of pregnant women.
Taking Control: Pathways to drug policies that work
12 Sep 2014
The Global Commission proposes five pathways to improve the global drug policy regime.
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