On this page you will find the latest relevant updates on a broad range of health and policy related topics, including HIV, hepatitis C, drug use, overdose prevention, harm reduction, drug treatment and criminal justice.

Only just the beginning of the end of hepatitis C
27 Feb 2014
This The Lancet Editorial remind us that the hepatitis C virus (HCV). infection continues to be a major global health problem.
What Is harm reduction?
26 Feb 2014
Unlike approaches that insist that people stop using drugs, harm reduction acknowledges that many people are not able or willing to abstain from illicit drug use, and that abstinence should not be a precondition for help.
Canada’s drug policy is in with the wrong crowd
26 Feb 2014
Michel Kazatchkine states that it is being "almost shocking" to see Canada aligning itself to countries such as Russia and China in vocally opposing the inclusion of “harm reduction” ahead the special session in 2016.
Providing harm reduction on the streets of Phnom Penh
26 Feb 2014
At the moment there are only three NGOs providing harm reduction services in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and only two of them have a NSP license to do syringe exchange – KHANA is one of them.
Scaling up opioid dependence treatment in low- and middle-income settings
26 Feb 2014
According to guidelines issued by the WHO, best practice in the “psychosocially-assisted pharmacological treatment” of opioid dependence consists of methadone maintenance treatment.
General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) 2016
20 Feb 2014
The ‘General Assembly’ is the principle policy making organ of the United Nations (UN), and the only one in which all 193 UN member states have equal representation. At the request of member states, it convenes UN General Assembly Special Sessions (UNGASS) on specific issues.
Odysseas: The first Greek drug consumption room
19 Feb 2014
Read here an interview with the members of the drug consumption room Odysseas, in Greece.
Addressing the spread of <span> HIV </span> in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
12 Feb 2014
Eastern Europe and Central Asia is the only region where HIV prevalence clearly remains on the rise. Key populations such as sex workers, men who have sex with men, and people who inject drugs have an increased risk of contracting and transmitting the virus.
Opioid overdose prevention bill introduced in New York
5 Feb 2014
Legislation that would help prevent accidental opioid overdoses and save the lives of thousands of New Yorkers by expanding access to the opioid antidote naloxone.
30 Nov 2013
This report is part of a larger study of the management of austerity by local government in England and Scotland. It is particularly concerned with impacts on disadvantaged people and places.
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