Why the US Has Embraced Drug Law Reform, But the UK Won't
In the US, drug reform is at the centre of political debate while in Britain politicians continue to shove the issue under the carpet. Here’s why
UNODC Supports Harm Reduction in Viet Nam Through Take-Home Methadone Doses
A UNODC initiative marked a critical step forward in the implementation of HIV harm reduction in Viet Nam around a decade ago, when the very first doses of methadone were administered in the country through the Opioid Substitution Therapy programme. Today, a brand new UNODC programme to be launched early this year, promises to expand its predecessor’s reach by offering take-home methadone doses.
Kings Cross businesses want removal of injecting centre to revive strip
Kings Cross businesses are calling for the removal of the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre from the downtrodden strip if the area is to thrive from the removal of the lockout laws.
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