Miami-Dade opioid deaths drop by nearly 100. Needle exchange may be the reason.
Since 2016, public health advocates in Miami-Dade County have led the state in confronting Florida’s opioid epidemic by starting a needle exchange that also widely distributed naloxone, a drug that counters overdoses, and getting it onto the streets.
FDA urged to investigate use of unapproved anti-opioid implant on prisoners and the homeless
BioCorRx bills itself as a developer of "advanced solutions" for alcohol and opioid addictions. But the California-based company has come under fire for plans to test an unapproved naltrexone implant on Louisiana prison inmates and homeless
When a tank is urgently needed to transport… methadone to hospitals
A tank is urgently needed! It doesn’t have to be a new one. The tank is needed to transport methadone to hospitals in Kazakhstan. Drug control authorities require paramilitary security for the transportation of drugs. However, the state is not going to allocate funds for security measures and this issue has not been resolved in 10 years.
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