Meet the 91-Year-Old Doctor Who's the Granddaughter of Slaves
Dr Melissa Freeman is a Bronx-born medical doctor who finished medical school in 1955, and has practiced medicine since 1961. Her grandfather, Albert B. Walker, was born a slave in the 1850s. She attended Howard University College of Medicine. She is one of the first doctors to treat women with opioid addiction.
Three Reasons Why Scientific Advice on Drugs is Ignored
David Nutt, along with many other leading scientists, published a study a few years ago that showed how the overall harms associated with some legal drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, dramatically exceed the harms of some illegal drugs, such as cannabis, ecstasy and LSD – and even the harms of heroin and cocaine.
Drug policy - a human rights issue.
Major shift in global drug policies: the Human Rights Council catches up with the Commission on Narcotic Drugs
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