‘Saved from a horrible fate’: Legal heroin prescribed to hundreds of UK drug users, figures reveal
‘Vital’ treatment threatened by cuts to addiction services, risking ‘untold damage’, expert warns.
TAKING BACK WHAT'S OURS! Documentary Series
The Rights Reporter Foundation (Drugreporter) and the International Network of People who use Drugs (INPUD) produced this documentary film series that aims to document how the movement of people who use drugs have formed around the world, how they maintain momentum and mobilise, and how they undertake their work and show resilience in a context of criminalisation, marginalisation and oppression.
TAKING BACK WHAT’S OURS! – Episode 6. Australia and New Zealand
In this video episode of the oral history of the movement of people who use drugs, we learn about the successes and challanges in Australia, from four veterans of the user movement
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