Legalizing Opioids: Three Proposed Models for Non-Medical Use
According to Mark Haden, who co-authored the paper with Brian Emerson and is a professor at the University of British Columbia’s school of Population and Public Health, both the prohibition of opioids and the commercialization of opioids for medical use have contributed to the overdose crisis.
The subtle stigma that erodes people’s right to health
Quite rightly there is a current focus on stigmatising language. Use of language frames the way we think. Non-judgemental, people-first language is important to reduce stigma but it is equally important that we consider the subtle use of language that disempowers, judges and marginalises the people who use our services.
Taking painkillers away from those in desperate need is a cruel health policy
Nice’s new guidelines prescribing exercise over drugs for chronic sufferers risk causing more distress
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